New Items 1/24/2017

We are back!!! As many of you have noticed we had gotten away from sending out newsletters every Tuesday. That happened for several reasons but we are back now! This one is a small news letter but we have to have bigger ones soons as they estate sales and garage sales etc pick back up.

Nice antique hand made tool box. Its very sturdy. The only issues it has is one of the small casters is missing (I would ust remove them.), it has a crack on the inside bottom and one simple trim piece is missing from the bottom on one end. I believe its marked at $65 in the booth and there is a 15% discount on that this week.

I also got in tons of small this week with more coming out tomorrow and later in the week. Below is just a sampling. Note some item in the pictures might already be gone. Like the huge silver tray. Always pays to check the booth day to day if you live in the area. 🙂

chest 03

trunk 01

new silver 01

new stuff 01


booth front 01

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