New Items 10/25/2016!

Here are the new items for the week.

Amazing deal on a tiger oak chair. It has had a couple of repairs but looks amazing. Its only $35 and take another 20% off that if you get it while the sale is on!!

Roman armor from about the first century. (Time of Christ.) This would be great for any one that is doing an Easter Pagent etc. Take another 20% off all prices if you get it while the sale is still on! Or if you want to buy all of it at one time contact me for an even better price!

Helmet $55
Sword $95
Body Armor $140
Sandals $19
Shield $95

The body armor is taken apart for storage in the photo. Lorica Segmentata comes apart in 4 pieces and then those each calapse like an accordain for easy storage.

Some items have surface rust but its easy to clean off.







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