New Items 8/30/2016

Crazy week and having problems with the newsletter software. The newsletter will be sent about 7:45PM but is going to end up going out over a few hours to try and fix newsletter software problems for now. Sorry if you get it late.

Tomorrow is the last day of the 25% off sale. The prices below do not take into account the 25%.

Very pretty set of 24% lead crystal candelabras. $60 for the pair.

Model 1840 artillery Saber scabbered (I think). I believe it is orignal. $60

Another saber scabbered maybe not original $20.

Old brass blow torch with red handle. Not shown but will be in store tomorrow. $25

Old cast iron hand pump. $40 not shown but coming to store tomorrow.

Many more items coming in the next few days.

Hope to start getting nice photos again soon.

crystal candle holders


saber scabbards

shop 33


shop 36

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