25% Sale!

Sale Sale Sale. 25% off!

I am having another customer appreciation all this week. You get 25% Off anything that is mine at the booths in Keene. It starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and goes till Sunday. This does not stack with the 20% off of photos but replaces it for a week. I will also be bringing in new items all week. Again thank you to all of my customers. Also have some more surpries etc coming in the next week or two.

The Salvage77 booth is inside the Shabby Chic antique mall in Keene.

206 Hwy 67 East
Keene, TX 76059

>>>>>> Shows old prices then you can figure a 25% discount. <<<<<<<

Some examples.

Sewing machine iron base. $50 -25% off (being droped of Tuesday afternoon.)
Large antique crock with lid and nozel for dispensing. $50 -25% off (being droped of Tuesday afternoon.)

Vintage pachinko machine. Comes with metal balls. Was told it just needed a fuse but I have time to check so make sure to look over it well. $75 -25% off

1926 New York Times with related paperwork saying its original. $20 -25% off

Antique iron bed headboad. $40 -25% off
Large antique wood box with dovetails. $40 -25% off
Large enamel pots. I think I priced one at $15 and one at $14 but cant remember for sure but in that area a bit more or less. -25% off
Large old square galvanized tub. $27 -25% off
Milk Can. $15 -25% off
Heavy larger old galvanized bucket. $15 -25% off

Vintage beer tap pulls. They are $10 except for the 1970s Schlitz bull it is $20.-25% off

Used clarinet. Every thing seems to open and close as it should but not an expert. $50 -25% off

Vintage parts displays. $10 each less if you buy all. -25% off



pachinko machine

new shop stuff 1

new shop stuff 2

new shop stuff 3


beer tap pulls 3

beer tap pulls 2

silver stuff

misc 13


misc 12

misc 11

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misc 05

shop 35

shop window 2

shop window

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shop 31

marx johnny west lot

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