New Items and Clearance Sale!

First thing >>Clearance sale at antique booth and mall ! OK first things first myself and some of the other venders have decided to have a clearance sale of some things in our storage we will be bringing and some things in the booths to make room for new items. The sale officially starts Thursday but it will have a soft start tomorrow (Wednesday) as we bring things up. You are welcome to stop by I will be bringing things in all day long both new and clearance items etc. There will also be other sales from 10%-%25% off or more depending on vender. This is still being setup. Some will start tomorow and some on Thursday.

Location is ..
206 Hwy 67 East
Keene, TX
(940) 228-9612

Well this week I got most of the new items tonight so I do not have pictures of everything but I will try and mention some of the items. The list below is not the clearance items but new items.

Antique cast iron table base with marble top. This is a very nice piece and is supposed to be French and from the 19th century. $95 I will be taking it to the booth tomorrow.

Large wood antique porch column cut down to pedestal height. $35

Wood mantle. Just the mantle itself without any uprights. Its not antqiue but its pretty. $50

Still lots of silver platers etc with more coming in tomorrow.

Lots of vintage hardware store tool displays. Most are $10 each.

Antique heavy textured glass transom. $75

Lots of other stuff that came in today and will be coming in tomorrow and the rest of the week.

record player

transome 02

transome window 01

silver stuff

garage stuff 01

garage stuff 2


misc 13

misc 12

misc 11

misc 10

misc 09

misc 07

misc 06

misc 05

misc 04

misc 03

misc 02

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