New Items 7/12/2014

This week I did not have much in the way of big new items it was mostly smalls I just added to the booth. Below is a sample of some except the ones I dropped of today I forgot to take picturs of and the small stuff I am dropping off tomorrow. Hope to get back to something more normal next week.

Pretty red picnic basket in good shape. $20

Enamel red and white kitchen table. $75

Cool old rope. $20

Old suitcase $10.

Much much more shown and now shown.

Also dont forget to signup for our Facebook buy and sell group for antiques, vintage items and collectibles etc.

shop 34

shop 35

shop 30

shop 31

shop 32

shop 33

booth 8

shop window 2

shop window

booth front 01

cart kit

booth 21


booth 26



wood barrel

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