New Items 6/26/2016

This is a special off day post. I have got a lot of new things Friday and Today and the booth is full. And I am taking more boxes of smalls down on Tuesday when they open again.

SALE! Also a few sale items listed to make room for more things coming in.

Also I am taking more boxes of smalls to the booth on Tuesday Morning.

The mall will be closed on Monday but Open Tuesday morning at 10am. The name of the mall is Shabby Chic Antiques & Crafts in Keene Texas. You can find them on faceebook.

206 Hwy 67 East

Keene, TX

Sorry for the grainy photos had to use my cell phone this time instead of the camera.

Antique wood barrel. I think its oak maybe. And its thicker wood. Its heavy for its size. Its about 24×16. Bigger than it sounds. 🙂 $85

Singer sewing machine base. Chippy white and no broken pieces I can find. $45

Big antique hay trolley claw. Its about 36x30x19 closed as in picture. $100

Amazing looking antique wood dovetaled box with hinged hood and locks. Needs skeleton keys for the locks. Size is 31x16x19.5. This would look amazing in some ones living room. $$120

Iron wash pot. It does not seem to have any cracks or broken pieces. Size is about 20×13. $85

Sale – Chicken nesting boxes with round holes. I have two and they are 6 holes each. One has the wood perches on the front the other ones just has the mounts. $200 for both !!!!!!!

Sale – Wood porch posts of assorted heights. Now $10 each !!

Large collection of stamps dating back to at least the 19th century. Assorted prices. Books are $20 each. Bags stuffed with stamps $3 each.

Cool antique wood and iron stool. I think the height adjusts from about 18 to around 24ish. $35

Sale Railroad cart parts. Includes wheels, axles, casters, corners. I believe its all of them metal pieces. $50 !!!

sewing machine base

wood barrel


claw etc


booth 26

nesting boxes


booth 21

cart kit

booth front 01

shop window

shop window 2

booth 8

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