New Items 6/14/2016

Just a note on this weeks newsletter. My back is just now feeling better last day or so. Because of that I have been mainly taking smalls etc from storage down to the antique booth. So this week will mainly feature those items. Hopefully next week we can get back to normal and I can have a few big interesting things.

I am going to list a few things below and if you see something else your interested in in the other photos just ask.

Sale – 3 wide vintage lockers. $145 (If you plan on going to the shop I will have to let them know I have them on sale before you get there.) You will need help to load them but they are not terribly heavy.

Antique wood porch posts. $15 each

Sale – Limited edition art and other art pieces starting at $5 each.

Huge numbers of antique and vintage photos and post cards from Texas and around the world. Some pictures include the 1907 Cleburne Texas football team. Turn of the century images from Blum and Cleburne and other places in North Texas. Antique taxidermy images and much much more.

Large selection of new wood project pieces.

Burlap sacks – $5 each

And much much more.

booth front 01

shop window

shop window 2

booth 04

wood pieces

cleburne football team

rock house in cleburne texas

east mountain

cleburne railroad photo

old texas photo

watchmaker sign

booth 01

feed sacks

booth 06

booth 7

booth 8

booth 10

booth 11

vintage post card books

world travel postcards

booth 12

booth 13

booth 14


booth 15

booth 16

booth 17

booth 19

wood bowl


tubes etc

Zero Halliburton aluminum case and picnic basket

sirnal tracer etc

reel to reel tapes

marx johnny west lot


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