New items and booth update 5/1/2016

OK now for some highlights of what I restocked the booth today with. ( Also the mall should be open tomorrow since the owners are working on getting the second half of it ready to open up. ) Same hours 10-5.

Lot of 4 antique soda fountain stools. They have a heavy cast iron base with wood tops. The ring around the top is also metal. They need new fabric but besides that I do not think they have any major issues. $100 for all 4 stools.

Old scooter missing tires. $15

Vintage ship or firetruck spotlight with aluminum colored base. In solid shape but needs rewired. $95

Vintage spotlight with brown colored metal base. This one is also in good shape but might need rewired. This one is newer and lighter than the other one. $75

Blue and white enamel kitchen table. $80

Luggage sale.. all three pieces in stack $15

Wagon (rusty) $20

Sale – Hair dryer and stand $65

White porcelain soda fountain stool. Very solid and heavy. Need bold removed from bottom and then ready to go. $45

Bags of jewelry $5 each. Less if you buy a lot of them.

Oars $5 each.

Many more items come take a look.

stools and scooter

spotlights angle

spotlights side

booth 01

booth 02

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