New Items 5/3/2016

First of all thank you all for making the booth a success so far. A lot of you have come to visit and are buying things at a fast pace. I am trying to keep prices low and keep things moving. The booth still looks like a mess but at some point it will look nice 🙂

Below are some new items just for Tuesday and some sale items.

As always please be clear on if you are asking a question or if you are buying something.

Antique metal cart. It looks like it was made using railroad cart casters and main wheels. The piece holding the casters needs straitened but its a very heavy and solid piece. This piece is perfect to make a coffe table out of or even a kitchen island etc. The size is 46x36x15. All it needs is a nice glass or wood top and your all set. And I would just seal it with clear it will look great. $85

Antique Warren Telechron wood clock. This clock is nice and just needs a bit of cleaning. I plugged it in and and seemed to work. I would also probably run a new power wire just to be safe. The front is glass. The size is 16x16x5. $40

Round Standard school clock. This cock does not work right. But it would probably be easy to fix or convert to new clock mechanism. It is 16.5×4. Its has a few dents and dings but makes for a nice patina. The front in glass. $25

Two old stainless slate bottom aquariums. They are not the same size but both are around 10g I think. The hood in the one does not fit but seems to be a a 5g tank. They both need a good cleaning. $10 each.

Two red oak Paxton Lawyer bookcases tops. They are 34×11.5×3.5. $25 each.

Pictures of what is in the shop today. Yes I know its a mess 🙂

Suitcases on sale for $15 for all 3!

cart wheel

cart 01

cart caster

book case tops

clock warranty card

clock inside

back of clocks

clocks front

stainless aquariums




fan etc

booth 01

booth table

booth 02

booth 03


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