New Items 5/17/2016

New items and sale items.

As always please be clear on if you are asking a question or are buying something.

First thing is a note. Now that I have the antique booth I am going through the thousands of photos I have and taking them to the booth. I am adding new photos almost every day. The photos are from tin types to photos from the 1970s and everything in between.

I am also taking other small down there that have been sitting in storage in some cases for years.

First item is a part from an airplane. Maybe a flap? It is dented some on one end but over all is in pretty good shape. It is aluminum so is strong and not to heavy. I think it would make a great table. It is 79.5×19.5×3.5. $50

The next piece is also from an airplane. It is the green piece. I believe it is the piece from the end of a wing. It has a dent on the side shown. It is also aluminum. It is 44.5x9x5.5. $20

Large enamelware pot with handle. It is about 11×11. it has some dents and chips on it but seems to hold water fine. $10

Wood shelf (on far left in photo). Size 17×12.5×3.5. $10

Two rustic photo frames (on far right of photo). Size is 12.75×14.5×1.75. $10 for the pair.

Small birdhouse on poll. (on the right of the birdhouses) It is about 14 tall. $10

Birdhouse in school or church design. (located center) $20

Double bird house. (located on right) $15

Also some photos of pens, GI Joe items and photos from shop.

I am running a big sale on vintage GI Joe toys. For example the jeep in the box is marked down from $95 to $65 for the sale.

aircraft part

all wood stuff

bird house closeups

photos 01

pens 01

GI Joe Stuff

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