New Items 4/5/2016

Very cool antique art deco pedestal fan. I just got this in and have not even wiped the dust off of it. I did plug it in and it seemed to work great. It adjusts up and down and in the photo is about 54 tall. It will go up a good deal more and also down from where it is. The poll seems to be brass or copper or at least part of it does. The fan part is about 12 incches across. $125

Antique R&M desk fan. Its about 10 inches across and 14 inches tall. I plugged it in and it worked well. This is something I just got in and did not even have a chance to wipe the dust off of it. $35

Vintage bird cage and stand. it is about 62 inches tall. The stand seems to have been repainted at some point. The cage is in good shape but need one piece of glass and one piece of plastic cut for it. You can get them at Lowes very cheap. it can also work without the glass if desired. $65

Antique oak hutch top. It is about 55x17x19. I was going to use it for a window seat but it was a bit to big. Would also work as a coppy table or with some legs a sofa table. $35


antique pedestal fan poll

antique pedestal fan base

antique pedestal fan side

antique pedestal fan back

antique pedestal fan front



desk fan

desk fan side11

birdcage and stand

birdcage closeup

birdcage stand base

oak hutch top 01

oak hutch top 03

oak hutch top 02








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