New Items 4/19/2016

Lot of silver jewelry. $25

Antique or vintage pill box marked 925. I am not sure what kind of stone is in the top still learning.

Pair of screw on earrings probably from the 1930 to 1960ish. They are marked 8305 and have marcasites I believe.

One loose earring marked sterling silver. Also screw on probably 1930s to 1960s.

Very cool antique Remington typewriter. I believe they made this modem in this way from about 1913 to about 1919. I believe it works from the little bit I got to play with it. $45

Lot of plated silver tea pots etc. $35

6 gallon crock and small crock. I think the small one might have a hairline crack. the big one seems to be in good shape. The large crock is 14 tall and about 12.75 wide. $40 for the pair.

Nice water well bucker with red pulley. Bucket is about 12 tall. Red pulley is about 9 across measuring at wheel. $50

Banged up water well bucket and wood pulley. Bucket is about 12 tall. $20

Brush and comb set. This look like they are weighted silver but I cant find any marks of any kind on them. Both have dents and dings. The brush top is coming apart from the backing and the shaped weighed part behind it is broken. The mirror had a dent on top and the mirror itself has spoting. $15 for set.

silver plate lot

crock and pulleys

silver earrings and pill box 02

silver earrings and pill box 03

silver earrings and pill box

brush and mirror set 02

brush and mirror set 01

typewriter back

typewriter front

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