More items on way to antique mall booth.

moore booth stuff

Here is a list of some of the bigger items I took to the antique mall today. I did not have time to take photos of the smaller items. I dropped them off right at closing so I should have these in the morning still.

First item is an interesting one for the oddities section. Its an antique prosthetic leg. I think its from the 1940s. Price $75

Antique desk fan. Its about 17 tall and the blade is about 12. It runs smooth and turns back and forth. Some one has put an extension on the cord a long time ago $45

Cool vintage shop stool with great patina. Its metal and wood and has faded red paint. $30

Antique soda fountain stool. This looks to have the original top from looking under it. The base has a crack that was welded at some time in the past but seems sturdy enough. It is about 24.5 tall. $40

Antique cross cut saw. It is about 34 long. $15

Also adding smaller and other misc items all the time.

The mall location is 206 East Highway 67 Keene Texas 76059. The number to the mall is 640-228-9612. They are open Wednesday through Sunday 9-5.

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