Sale Items 3/8/2016

Three vintage violins with cases. I do not know a lot about violins but these apear to be a bit rough. There might even be a treasure amound them who knows. $75 for lot of 3

Two vintage violins and a guiar. All seem a bit rough. But again who knows might be a treasure in there some place. $75 for lot of 3.

Guitar with an electric pickup. The white stuff holding on cord is like poster puddy and does not seem to damage the finish. Maybe good for decoration maybe can be played who knows. $25

Sale – Large handing stained light with stained glass shade. This one has a new york scene. It is about 24 across. Its in great shape but has one loose metal joint where one of the metal ribs attaches the top. It was being used like this without any problems. $65

3 violins

violins and guitar

guitar by itself

stained glass shade new york

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