New Items 3/22/2016

Old hand made wood canoe. This canoe is about 16 long so you will need a trailer to come get it. The way these old canoes are made the the structure is all wood then the outside is covered with canvas and some resin. I believe this one still has the orignal canvas and paint on it. A couple of the pieces that go across have cracks that need repaired. It also has places where it has had leaks etc and been repaired. I am sure this canoe is going to need work before you can use it. I have no idea exactly how muc work. You could also just make it a wall hanger or turn it upside down and make it a light in a big space. Or even do the terrible thing and cut it in half and make two book shelves from it. $300

Large and old heavy duty garden arbor. This one is made from solid bar not thin wall tubes. It is about 105 tall (8.75 feet) and 55 wide and 18.5 deep. $90

canoe 01

canoe 04

canoe 03

canoe 02

old solid trellis

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