New Items 2/16/2016

Cool galvanized metal boat. It would make a great shelf or planter. The seats are with it but in the other photo. Size is 1.2.5×48.5x 16ish. $75

Cute and solid old metal wheelbarrow with metal wheel. $35

Two vintage violins in vintage cases. The cases are rough but solid. I do not know anything about violins but I think these are not worth a huge amount. The one on the left has the piece that hold up the string loose but it just glues on. String on holding it down in the picture. These are great for decoration or maybe even sound good who knows. $25 each.

Old counter top display case with glass shelves. Very solid and heavy for its size. 14.25x8x13.5. Seems to still have the nice original vintage hardware on it also. $35

Modern but pretty mirror. Size is 28.5×29.5. $15

Old water well bucket. Its rough but would look nice hanging up. $10

Modern galvanized trashcan. $10

Galvanzied air vent. Great for light and other projects. $15

boat seats

boat 01

boat 02


well bucket and mirror etc

counter top display cabinet

violins and display case

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