Sale Items 1/12/2016

Cast iron pot and wagon wheel iron hoop to hang it from. The pot is 20.25×14. Its solid but does have a crack on one side. The crack is in the shadow area on the right so you cant really see it in the photos. The hoop is 40.5 across. $65 for the pair.

Antique bevelled mirror and frame. (Sorry about picture quality got it late today.) The bevel does not show up well because of the lighting. Mirror has a bit age spots in it but still usable and has a nice look to it. Size is 44×22. $30

Two red glass lanterns. $20 each.

Two blue glass light covers? $10 for the pair.

Old silver plate tea pot and two cups $15

pot and hoop

iron pot detail 2

iron pot detail

bevelled mirror

red lanterns detail

assorted items

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