New Items 12/22/2015 – Merry Christmas

This week I got back to the house from buying late so its a bit of a
preview but with a few of things for sale.

Globe barrister bookcases. They are 4 high. 3 have tags inside that
say Globe and the model numbers. The two top ones are not as deep
front to back as the two bottom ones. They are in over all good shape
but are missing the knobs. I think two are missing the metal trim on
one end. I will include two more without doors I have for parts. They
are not made by globe but maybe you can use the trim from them or make
a base from or top. Also included is a top some one made for them that
needs stained. $250 for the 4 pictured plus the 2 for parts.

Here is a bit of a preview of more things coming next week.

Galvanized vintage chicken nesting box with round openings. Its in
nice shape but does not have a back. I believe it is about five feet
long. $125

Unusual very old flat metal lawn chair. Has both arms and is in good
shape. The onlything I noticed is one clip for the front is turned
backwards and need put back on correctly. Its spring steel and rocks.
These are great chairs as they tend to last for ever. It has a nice
bounce and a nice laid back angle. $40

Two big chicken feeders. You can see them next to the chair in the
truck bed. They are almost 6 foot long I think. $25 each.

globe tag

lawyers bookcase


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