New Items 12-15-2015

New picks for the week!

Old dovetailed box green wood box. Size is 31.5×17.5×13.5. It is solid
and in good shape. It does have screw holes and old notches etc where
it has been worked on over the years but over all nice shape. WIth
legs would make a nice little table. $30

Old WW1 military saddle? Its about 24 inches front to back. $25

Antique horse harness. $25

40 inch tall iron wagon wheel rim. This is what a lot of people use
to hang old iron pots from. $25

Cast iorn 37 inch tall Myers hand pump sprayer. Here are some catalog
images from one close to it. $45

Two skin strecthers – 28 long. They are the wire things next to the
hand pump. $10 for pair.

Small ice tongs. About 11 tall. $10

Sale – Last of the liscense plates. $50 for all.

Old metal traps. $15 for all.

Antique 1800s/early 1900s embossed cast iron DP Sperry horse drawn
wood wagon wheel soaker. Has some residue on it but can be cleaned
off. $95

Iron hames with brass ends. $25 for all 3.

Sale – Antique Hoosier hand water pump for yard decoration. It is 44
tall. Does not work only for decoration. $65.

green box 02

green box 03

green box 01

sadle detail

sadle and harness

wagon wheel rim

myers hand pump

pump 2 - skin stretchers - ice tongs

66 555

liscense plates


wagon wheel iron dp sperry

iron wagon wheel thing and horse harness stuff

hoosier water pump

hoosier water pump detail

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