New Items 11/3/2015

Beautiful antique glass light shade from an old building I believe.
The size is 13×15. It is in good shape but the tip is broken off.
Because if is broken pretty much flush you can use a couple of brass
washers and put a brass point on it. The rest of it is in good shape.
You could also just put it on a table with a light in it. Or use it
for decorating. $20.

Lot of 18 wood spools. They are about 13.5 tall and there are 18 of
them. $30 for entire lot.

Air Defense Pom Pom Gun tin toy truck. It is about 13.5 long. It is
missing some pieces but still has a nice look. $15

Old galvanized metal tool box. It is 18.25×8.25×16. $20

Cool 13 inch metal decorative rooster. $8

Amazing antique letter trays. They are 20.25 tallx10.25×12.75. $35

Cool vintage porcelain stamp machine. Looks like the insides are all
there but its missing the lock. The front is in good over all shape
but has a few smaller chips and bends around lock etc. $35.

glass light cover

wood spools lot

pom pom gun

rooster - organizer and other items

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