New Items 11/24/2015

Amazing antique RA regulator? 43″ Tall Wall Clock with glass sides. It
says RA on the pendulum and I think its German. I just got it in so I
did not have time to test it or clean it etc. It seems to be in good
shape and there was a key inside and the missing pieces of wood trim.
In the photos the pendulum is not attached since I was in a hurry and
could not see to hook it. I will price it as it needing some work on
the mechanism since I did not have time to test it. But they are
pretty easy to find a place to fix if needed. It needs a good cleaning
and a some bits of wood glued back and then it is ready to hang. It
might even work fine. There is one small piece of missing wood at the
very top on the right just under the finial you cant see in the photo.
I think if the are was just darked a bit it would not even be
noticalbe. $65 Hurry before its gone.

Very cool antique Exide hand poured glass battery jar and lid. This
jar is 13x8x7 and is in great shape. The only thing I noticed was a
chip on the underside of the lid. It has emobosed writing on each side
and on the top. I think it would look very cool turned into a light
with edision bulbs hanging inside and with porcelain fixtures or
copper fixtures and a vintage style cord. $25

Small old pretty iron foot stool. It is very pretty but one leg needs
fixed. You might could fix it with JB Weld or it could be welded.
Really depends on what you are going to use it for. $15

Vintage heavy duty industrial metal cart. The main deck is 60×30. It
would look amazing as the base for a kitchen island. Just use metal
pipe and pipe flanges from Lowes to set the wood top at any height you
want. You could even build in a shelf. $45

Large antique mirror. It is about 20×30 and the wood work is very
pretty. The mirro itself is old and is missing some of the backing
that makes it reflective. I thought it would be neet to take it out
and make an amazing looking chalk board!. The wood backing the cover
the back of the mirror is not attached and I left it off incase some
one wants to replace the mirror or make it a chalk boart. If you want
to use it like it is the back just nails back on using small nails.

Sale – Pretty large ornate 1970s vintage french provincial sconce. It

made to hang on the wall and is build out of thick plastic. Seems to

be solid and in good shape. It is 36 tall and 15 wide. $10

Sale – NOW HAS GLASS TOP! Amazing riveted antique galvanized barrel. I
believe it is from the
turn of the century. It is perfect to make a table from at 30″ tall
and 24.5″ wide. It is very solid but does have some large rust holes
in the bottom. I would cut a board to it and put it inside in the
bottom. It would work well with a glass top and maybe lights and a
display inside. Or you could set it up to hold an icebucket and
drinks. Or the most amazing trash can container ever. $65

SALE – Lots of barn fresh still dustry and dirty license plates!!

Now $15 a pair!

List of pairs:

1963 – DY 282

1964 – Farm Truck – 8k 4701 – SOLD

1961 – Farm Truck – 8j 9075

1965 – djy 305

1965 – Farm Truck 8k 6253

1964 – eb 342

1960 – DN 445 lots of rust – $10 for this set.

1963 – Farm Truck – 8k 3342





1958 Lots of rust. – $5 for this one.



battery jar and stool

exide battery jar 2

exide battery jar

iron stool 01


galvanized barrel table 01

galvanized barrel table 02

riveted barrel

metal cart

wall clock 04

wall clock 01

wall clock 02

wall clock 03


license plates only

large mirror



Ornate candle holder

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