New Items 11-17-2015

Two vintage drawknives. They have about 8″ blades. $20 each or $35
for both.

Vintage STANLEY No.78. $20

Amazing riveted antique galvanized barrel. I believe it is from the
turn of the century. It is perfect to make a table from at 30″ tall
and 24.5″ wide. It is very solid but does have some large rust holes
in the bottom. I would cut a board to it and put it inside in the
bottom. It would work well with a glass top and maybe lights and a
display inside. Or you could set it up to hold an icebucket and
drinks. Or the most amazing trash can container ever. $75

Old barn fresh wood barrel. The size is 17×13. $25

Two vintage gym basckets. $10 each.

Lots of barn fresh still dustry and dirty license plates!!

$20 for pairs and $10 for singles unless other price noted next to
discription for excessive rust etc.

List of pairs:

1963 – DY 282

1964 – Farm Truck – 8k 4701

1961 – Farm Truck – 8j 9075

1965 – djy 305

1965 – Farm Truck 8k 6253

1964 – eb 342

1960 – DN 445 lots of rust – $10 for this set.

1963 – Farm Truck – 8k 3342





1958 Lots of rust. – $5 for this one.


Wood milk crates from old dairy in Johnson County Texas. Some have
names and cities on some some do not. The ones on the left are in good
shape the ones on the right are the rougher ones. The Boswell one has
a bord on the back with a loose piece and missing just a bit but
nothing terrible.

For the Dairyland Ft Worth one on the bottom I would like $30. The
rest are all prices the same.

For the ones on the left in good shape I would like $20 each.

For the ones on the right in rough shape I would take $10 each.

SALE – Pretty large ornate 1970s vintage french provincial sconce. It

made to hang on the wall and is build out of thick plastic. Seems to

be solid and in good shape. It is 36 tall and 15 wide. $25

SALE – Large vintage oval mirror. Its made from wood with plaster

decoration. There is a chip gone from the bottom side (bottom in

picture). Size is 29×21. $10

drawknife and plane

riveted barrel

license plates etc

milk crates detail

milk crates

oval mirror

Ornate candle holder

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