New Items 10/20/2015

Pair of green suitcases. They are in OK shape but the tops (where the
handle is.) of each has a brown splatter on them. Not sure if it will
come off or not. The larger one has a piece loose inside. Both have
some staining etc inside. Great for projects $10 for the pair.

Grey suitcase. Inside seems to be in pretty nice shape. Outside is in
good shape but needs cleaning. You can see where I cleaned a bit of
the handle and of the the edges. I just used 409 and it worked fine.
Size is 21×18.5×9. $15

Cool vintage wood nail clippers etc display cabinet. Inside its
devided up into sections and has prices etc and names of items. Its in
good shape and solid. Size is 18.5x11x7.5. $40

Vintage printers tray. In good shape but top has been painted grey.

Pretty vintage picnic bascket. In good shape but has a bit of wear
around the bottom. $15

Vintage metal Budweiser sign. It has a neon light inside and is
supposed to light up. It does not come on but not sure if it needs
just a bulb or a ballast. Did not have time to check. Either way its a
very easy fix if something is wrong with it. The size is 36×12 and
about 6 or so deep. $40

Cute metal chair. It has clamps holding the swivel to the legs. $5

Metal vintage shabby chic bird cage with short chaing and hook. It is
21 tall and in good shape. $20

Teal childs rocking chair. It is about 23 tall. Its solid and in good
shape. $15

SALE – Two vintage metal red wagons. $40 for the pair!
The back wagon is solid but has a wheel with a hole in the tire. It
has a couple of rust holes in the bed but not nothing drastic.
The front wagon has a hole in the handle you can see in the photo but
its still strong. It has one wheel missing a clip to hold it on. You
can get a replacement at a hardware store.

SALE – Vintage windmill. This one I think is closer to 7 foot tall.
It is missing one fin on the blade and the blade has been repaired a few
times before. The tail also need reattached. The top part looks like
its all there it just needs bolted back on. $40

green and grey suitcaes

clippers cabinet

bud sign etc

childs rocking chair etc

red wagons

windmill without water tank

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