New Items 10/13/2015

1940s-50s concrete donkey and cart. Over all in good shape but there
is a chip right at the top of the tail where it goes into the body.
You can just see it in the photo. $75

Two large vintage concrete birds with metal legs. $20 each.

Two vintage concrete planters. Size is about 17×16. $30 each.

Vintage heavy windmill and water tower base. It is around 6-7 foot
tall. Probably closer to 6. The blade is missing one fin but it comes
with an extra blade. The extra blade needs one fin welded back on.
Might need a bold or bearing or something but over all very solid. It
would look great with a wood barrel on the stand. $90

Vintage windmill #2. This one I think is closer to 7 foot tall. It is
missing one fin on the blade and the blade has been repaired a few
times before. The tail also need reattached. The top part looks like
its all there it just needs bolted back on. If you purchased the other
windmill with the extra blade also I would probably use that blade and
take a fin off of this blade to fix the other one. $55

Large galvanized tub. It is about 30 wide and about 12.5 deep. It is
solid but has a couple of small holes in the bottom. $15

Vintage wagons.

The back wagon is solid but has a wheel with a hole in the tire. It
has a couple of rust holes in the bed but not nothing drastic. $25

The front wagon has a hole in the handle you can see in the photo but
its still strong. It has one wheel missing a clip to hold it on. You
can get a replacement at a hardware store. $25

Sale – Not picked up last week. – Vintage teeter totter. It is about
67 wide. The boards on the top need
replaced and it has some large rust holes on the bottom in the middle.
It seems solid enough for smaller children as the pipes have thicker
walls than new ones. But it does have large holes all across the
bottom of the middle from wear and rust because of its age. $20

SALE- Vintage croquet set. $30

donkey cart birds and pots 01

red wagons

large galvanized tub

windmill and water tank stand

windmill without water tank

donkey cart birds and pots 02

vintage teeter totter

crocket sets

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