New Items 9/29/2015

Antique hand made wood toolbox with two drawers inside. Over all it is
very heavy and very solid but the top needs fixed. In back part of the
top that hinges is fine. The front part has come loose though. But it
looks like all the pieces indluding trim is there. I would fix it for
good by putting two black iron strips on the underside. This piece
with some work would make an amazing coffee table and a center piece
to a room. THe size is 18.5 (tall)x24x35.5. You could add some cast
iron casters or short legs to make it a bit taller if needed. $75

Old pretty silver plate tray. Size 21×11.5 $15

Lot of suitcases. The makeup case does have a mirror but has damage on
the front corner. Tailor case case needs one poprivit on top left
corner. Tailor case is 8.5×14.5×22.5 to give you an idea of sizes. $30
for the lot.

Vintage doll with box and clothes. Box is 16 tall to give you an idea
of size. $20

Vintage doll highchair. 27.5 tall. $10

Simple vintage bumball standup. Size is 17×14. $10

Cast aluminum? magazine rack. It is 16 tall. $15

5 antique wood planes. They should look nice with some oil and wax.
Several seem to be all there and usable. $25 for all 5.

Heavy antique copper or brass pot. Very sturdy and usable. $15

Pretty vintage orange and black fold out metal table. Size is
26×27.75×17.75. Table is sturdy but had a couple of rusty places on
the tops where some one had a pot or something sitting. $15

Very cool antique hand made stool. Possibly from Asia. $25

4 vintage boxes/drawers. $20 for set

Printers tray size is 18×22.25. Does not come with praying mantis. $15

Clothes pin holder. Needs a few stitches replaced. $5

Vintage white stand crocket set. $40

Vintage brown stand crocket set missing one ball and one goal post.

Two vintage picnic baskets $15 each.

wood toolbox

wood toolbox inside

silver plate tray


highchair doll and gumball machine

magazine rack etc


stool detial 01

stool detial 02

hand made stool and orange table

crocket sets


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