New Items 8/11/2015

New picks for the week!

Antique Seth Thomas adamantine mantle clock. Size is 15.5x11x6. Has
key but does not seem to work. These are normally pretty easy to fix.
Many instructions online or you can just drop it off and have it
repaired. $75

Large vintage Montagnard crossbow from Vietnam. Size is 47×26. It has
one chip on the trigger. Would look great on a wall etc. $45

Vintage Hamilton printers drawer. 32×16.5. $20

Vintage 12″ Budweiser tray. $15

Vintage Spool lot. The matching ones are 12″ tall and would make
perfect candle stick holders. The light is 20″ tall including the
shade. The light socket is loose where the two pieces crimp together.
You can get new ones at Lowes or Home Depot. As always make sure you
know what you are doing when wiring something. Although this is a very
simple job. $20 for the lot.

Vintage drafting table with iron knobs. The top is sitting below it
since it is easier to move taken apart. The top is 3/4 inch good
quality hadwood or poplar plywood. The top could be flipped to have
plain wood instead of the painted image. $35

SALE – Old iron, brass and aluminum hair washing basin. Adjust up and
down and also the angle. $25

SALE – Pink vintage stool. Need cleaned up and new upholstery. $8

SALE – Enamel top cabinet. Over all it is solid. And the top is not
bad but does have chips in it. The size is 36x24x20. It needs a bottom
made from wood or metal and painted to match and then it will be great for
a planting table etc. $15

seth thomas green clock front

seth thomas green clock back

crossbow 02


cossbow 01

printer tray and spools etc

drafting table 01

stool and hair washing thing
enamel top table

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