Sale Items 7/21/2015

SALE — Large metal antique red Ride On 3000 Train locomotive. Looks to be an
Art Deco style. It is missing the handle to hold on to but it should
be easy to make. I believe it is from the 1930s. Has a few paint drips
on it but is sturdy. $60

SALE — Seth Thomas antique adamantine Sheffield mantle clock. I believe it is
from the 1880s. It does have the glass it is just very clean. It has
the clock key and seems to work after for a bit but I know very little about
vintage clocks. It needs a good cleaning and polishing since its been
sitting but should look amazing when the dust is cleared off of it.
The size is 16.75x11x7. $75

Antique wood wheelbarrow. It is sturdy enough for display or to put
some plants on but can not be used as a wheelbarrow. The front wheel
does not turn and the metal is rusty and its got some soft spots in
the wood. But it would be perfect on a porch for decoration. It is
about 64 inches long. $45

5 rustic bird houses. $45 for the entire lot.

GP & F Co Milwaukee Mangnolia heavy galvanized can. It has big dents
and bangs on the the back side but is very heavy and very solid. I
have not been able to find a can just like it online. Seems to be
rather rare. $35 (Also handle detail below.)

Vintage metal stand up dust pan. $15

9inch (wheel size) water well pulley. It needs a shorter bolt and I
would use one that is not shiney. Also to use it you will want to put
a brass bushing in it. But will hang OK without one. $40

Pair of vintage copper sprinklers. $10 for the pair.

Deer horns not mounted. $10

Lot of galvnized and metal pots. All the pots except have holes and
are for planters. The watering can seems to not have any holes. The
feeders seem ok also. $20 for entire lot.

Lot of Enamel pans and cups etc. The large white one with a top is in
good shape. The rest of them have holes and or chips etc. The are good
for planters. $35 for entire lot.

Two vintage shoulder mounted deer. One had a crack down the center of
the nose but will be easy to fix with a bit of black paint. The other
has a bad nose.and a crack in front of one ear where the ear needs
tack back forward. The nose can be repaired by some one that knows
what they are doing. $100 for the pair.

Antique iron double bed. It is in good solid shape but does not have
rails. But because of the style of connector it is very easy to make
rails. You just need angle iron cut to the correct length and the a
hole drilled in it. Then just bolt them on. $50

Pair of iron soda fountain stools. They are 19 tall. The tops are
porcelain but have some chops and have been painted over. One still
has some rust hole at the very bottom. It is still solid and can be
fixed by putting fiberglass behind the holes and then bondo to smooth
surface. Or it can be left how it is. I like this style because it
does not need recovered. $60 for the pair.

Nice old iron bench. It is 44 wide not including the arms. It is
solid and ready for cushions or wood for bottom and back. $40

seth thomas mantle clock

back of seth thomas mantle clock

inside of seth thomas mantle clock



vintage wood wheelbarrow

bird houses

mangnolia bucker handle detail

galvanize bucket and pulley etc

galvanized lot

enamel pot lot

2 shoulder mout deer

iron bed

iron stools

metal bench

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