New Items 7/28/2015

Antique Westinghouse Electric fan. It is the 12″ size and is about 17
tall. It runs fine but I always suggest getting some one to check the
wiring to be safe. The 2 of the top wire gaurds have come loose from
the loop but tension keeps them in place or they can be fixed if you
wanted. Looks like the model is 315745a and I think it was made in
about 1914. $50

Metal bait shop sign. Looks to be hand painted on canvas on metal.
Has a couple of spot where the canvas came up but can probably glue it
back down. They are not big spots. Size is 28.5×22. $20

Heavy vintage wall or table top box/writing table thing. On the side
it says Temple Telegram. And there is a plate on the front but I did
not have time to clean it up so I could read it. $40

Vintage Sante Fe and Allis Chambers thermometers and 1960s cleburne
yellow jacks sign made from older thicker metal. Thermometers are 13
longand yellow jackets sign 12 long. $20 for the lot

Red and white enamel chamber pot. Only has a few chips still very
solid. Size 10×9.5 not counting handle. $10

Wood trim from old house. Sizees are 10×5.5 – 10×5.5 -11.5.5. $10 for
the lot.

Galvanized bucket and boxes and wire basket lot. The bucket is about
14×18 to give you an idea of sizes. The bucket is very rust on the
bottom but will still work as a planter. $20

Enamel top cabinet. Over all it is solid. And the top is not bad but
does have chips in it. The size is 36x24x20. It needs a bottom made
from wood or metal and painted to match and then it will be great for
a planting table etc. $25

Mid century aluminum stool with nice chippy red and white paint. I do
not have the measurements handy but its about 24 tall. $30

Wood box lot. The largest box is 18x15x13. It has one loose piece on
the side facing the camera but other than that is sturdy enough. The
smaller boxes do not seem to have problems. The one in front has a
metal bottom. The one with the handle is for toy tools and has two or
three tools. The hammer is broken. $25

Two heavy old chairs. They have nice wear from all of the use along
the tops and in the seats etc. I have wiped them down with some oil
but they will need another coat and some wax. Or how ever you want to
handle it. One is missing the little metal capped shape foot the goes
on the bottom of one leg. But it is easy to find replacements. There
is also a bit of a crack in the front leg of the one. Still seems
solid but I would fix it before it gets worse. $50 for the pair.

westing house electric fan.

westing house electric fan 02.

bait shop

telegram box

cleburne and sante fe stuff

enamel pot and wood pieces

basckets and galvanized

enamel top table

aluminum stool and boxes

pair of old chairs


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