New Items 7/14/2015

Seth Thomas antique adamantine Sheffield mantle clock. I believe it is
from the 1880s. It does have the glass it is just very clean. It has
the clock key and seems to work after but I know very little about
vintage clocks. It needs a good cleaning and polishing since its been
sitting but should look amazing when the dust is cleared off of it.
The size is 16.75x11x7. $95

Antique Sessions mantle clock. It is dusty but in good shape over all
just needs a good cleaning and polishing. This one I do not have a key
for. Size is 22x10x5. $40

General Electric Telechron electric clock. Size is 8x8x4. It is wood
and had some corners missing as can be seen in the photo. I plugged it
in and it seems to work fine. $10

5 vintage bowling pins. $25 for the lot.

Forest Service Boundary vintage sign. Size 9.35×7. $15

Two vintage teardrop headlights with mounting brackets. (Sorry for not
taking a picture from the side.) They are solid and do not seem to
have rust holes etc. I believe they are from the 30s or 40s. The are 7
inches wide and probably about that deep. $50

Small vintage table ready to shabby chic. Size is 24x23x13. $10

Abbeon Certified Hygrometer % Relative Humidity brass meter gauge
Germany. Size 6 across. $20

seth thomas mantle clock

inside of seth thomas mantle clock

back of seth thomas mantle clock

abbeon hydrometer germany detail

abbeon hydrometer germany

cute table

bowling pins lights and sign

general electric telechon eletric clock


sessions mantle clock

sessions mantle clock door paper

sessions mantle clock back


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