New Items! 6/2/2015

Antique Corticelli Silk display. It is in good shape and comes with
assorted contents. The only thing I noticed is the bottom is loose and
need some wood glue on it. I would have fixed it but did not notice
till today. The size is 16.25×13.5×8.25. I would like $95 for it. They
can sell for two or three times that online.

The legs are from the green stool just incase some one was wondering.

Very pretty vintage mirror. Over all in good shape but need new paper
on the back and has a few chips here and there. Size is 30.5×29.5. $45

Vintage rocking lawn chair with pretty cutout pattern. It seems to be
solid. It does have a couple of holes in the legs right about where
the touch the ground in the picture. But the pipe seems to be heavy
enough were they are still strong. There are no holes in the front
corner where all the force is. $60

Wood barrel 14.25×11.25. $25

Green step stool 10.5 tall. $10

Green porcelain light shade 16″ wide. $20

Antique soap holder for cast iron tub. $10

corticelli silk 02

corticelli silk

soap holder and light shade

rocker and barrel and stooljpg

gold mirror back

gold mirror frontjpg

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