New Items 3/31/2015

Here are the new picks for the week.

Pair of 1959 Buick tailights. These make great accent lights. >>These
are not wired you will have to do it.<<. Included is an example a pair some one else has turned into accent lights. The crome is just a bit spoty on these but it just gives them a nice patina. The plastic lenses are in good shape. The studs on the back have been but off with a torch and need evened out. Over all in nice shape. $35 for the pair. Vintage logs for electric fireplace. The motor works but the plastic tube that spins is bent and catches. It needs heated with a heat gun and bent just a bit. $20 Example Only tailights as accent lights. Pair of vintage industrial Addressgraph meal cabinets. They are 23x6.75x15.75 each. They are all metal and well built. $50 for the pair. Vintage shaby chic table with no top. Size is 21.5x15.25x22.5. $30 Pair of vintage suitcases. The top one is 26x13x8 to give you an idea of size. Pair for $20 4 old two man crosscut saw blades. They do not have handles but it is easy to make handles or you can buy them on ebay. They are very dusty on one side an just some rust on other. That is why some are lighter colored. The sides facing up got covered in dust. And since I just got these today I did not have time to clean them. Starting from the back. Saw blade 1 is 84″ wide. $40 Next from back to front is saw blade 2. It is 86″ wide and not as tall. $40 Saw blade 3. Same as the back one 84″ wide. $40 SOLD Saw blade 4 the closest one is 78″ wide. $40 Sale - Metal and wood vintage cannon. It is not build to fire. Is is about 11″ tip to tip. $25 4617260500

pair of addressgraph cabinets

shaby chic table and suitcases

fireplace logs and tail lights

saw blades 03


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