New Items 3/10/2015

Very cool vintage Lawnplay Crocket set. $40

Vintage metal storage boxes. These are light weight boxes with a wood
grain look. They have a nice retro look. They have a couple of dents
and bends but are easy to bend back. The size is 35×6.5×18. $20

Tall blue shabby chic metal shelf. It is 63x13x24. It would be great
for an outside porch. $30

Vintage glider project. This glider needs some work but I have not had
a chance to get to it. So I am selling it cheap and letting you do the
work. One of the bearlings locked up and broke one of the bolts. It
think with some heat you could break it free and put a new bolt in. Or
could just but in a new bearing. It is also missing the solid rod
upright from one side. This is just a strait piece of metal so is easy
to find. Also the back of one seat is bent and needs bent back. It
also pulled out a bolt in the same area so needs a new bold and nut
added. And it needs nuts where the arm bolts to the bar across the
bottom in the back. Also has some rust on the bottom backs of the
seats but still should work fine. $35

Sale – Set of three pink suitcases. The large one is 26x21x7. I think
all they need is an outside cleaning and some armor all. $45

IMGcroquet set and metal storage

glider project 02

glider project 01

blue metal shelves

pink three piece set

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