Here is a nice vintage wood and metal large scale model 19th century
gatling gun and tender. It is made in Spain. The one box next to the
gun is missing a nail and has a crack. Besides that seems to be in
great shape. The crank and barrels turn on the gun. Over all from tip
to tip the entire setup is about 28″. The gun carriage from tip to tip
is about 14.5. This is an amazing display piece. $85

Lot of 6 metal buckets. They are about 9.5×8.5. One is missing the
handle and one is missing the connection for the handle on one side.
$25 for entire lot.

Vintage wood radio. It is 12.5×6.5×8.5. I have not plugged it in but
looks to be in pretty good shape. I would have some one look at it
before plugging it in. $20

Vintage industrial heavy metal adjustable table. It is all the way up
now and is 27x22x14. Would make an amazing vintage industrial end
table or night stand. $40

Two vintage oil cans. $15 for the pair.

Vintage water well pulley and bucket. The pulley is about 9″ and the
bucket 11×9. $50 for the set.

Vintage egg basket. About 14×7.5. $20

Four vintage enamel ware pans. The orange toped in seems to be nice
and could be used. The other ones are for decoration. The orange one
is about 8″ across to give you an idea of sizes. $20 for the lot.

Assorted enamel ware pieces including tea pot, platter, candle holder
green pot and random lid. Platter is about 16.5 to give you an idea of
sizes. The teapot and green pot can not be used but are for
decoration. $20 for the lot.

Vintage branding iron. $30

Vintage wood bowling pin with some damage. About 15 tall. $5

Blue and white enamel ware kettle with no top. I think it has holes in
the bottom. About 16×6. $10

Antique canning jar made from old glass with bubbles etc in it. About
7 tall. $5

Four vintage enamel ware pots. Two hae holes I know. Size is about
11.5×9. $30 for lot.

Large enamel ware tub. Size is about 25.5×7. It has holes in the
bottom but great for flowers. $25

enamel ware tub

enamel ware pots

canning jar old glass

bowling pin brand jar etc

pot platter etc

4 pans

oil can detail

water bucket pulley and basket etc

white metal table

6 buckets

vintage wood radio

gatling gun

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