New Items 2/17/2015

Very unusual antique mirror. This piece large at 6′ by 26″. And it
seems to be solid oak or some other heavy hard wood. It also seems to
be all hand carved with no veneer. It has three lions on the top each
with a different expression. Originally it seems to have come from a
larger piece. I do not know if it came from a sideboard, buffet, bar
or was built into a wall or something else. I also do not know the age
is it 1850s? Or older or newer? It is solid and heavy and is only
missing some simple trim and the bottom and one small piece on the
right side when looking at it. I really do not know what this is worth
but I would like $195.

Nice pair of old lockers. Maybe from the 1940s or 1950s? They are
built of nice heavy metal. They are 6′ tall and 24″ wide and 15 deep.
The flat piece of metal one side latches onto is missing but it would
be easy to add back I just did not have time to mess with it. $90

Lot of vintage show stretchers. These are great for all kinds or
projects or even to stretch shoes. $25 for entire lot.

Three pictures by the same artist. The two pictures with the same
style and frame are marked at 1939. The matching pictures are
18.5×14.5. The other one is 19×15. $30 for entire lot of three.

Vintage toy car and phone lot. Phone is about 8″ across to give you
an idea of scale. $20 for all.

Vintage Miller Beer sign. This is metal sign missing the front the
light would shine through. It is 27×9. You could put a new front on it
or just turn it around and display the back. $15

Vintage red and white enamelware bassin and bowl The large one is
16.5 across and 4.5 tall. $20 for pair.

Vintage croquet set. $40

Vintage cast iron bread slicer. It is 12″ tall. It is made to have
boards on the back for the brad to sit on and then a foot on the back
end of that. This one is missing that part. But it would be very easy
to make. It is also missing the wood handle but again it would be very
easy to make. $25

Small vintage fan. Very nice look ot it but it has some problems. It
comes on but the motor is week. Also at some point some one removed
two of the blades. But does not have much vibration. $10

Vintage Federal Cartridge Corporation 410ga ammo box. It is 14x6x5.5
and it has writing on all four sides. $30

lion mirror 01

lion mirror 03

lion mirror 02

vintage lockers

shoe stretchers

1939 paintings

phone and assorted cars

miller beer

croquet set and pans

bread slicer - fan - ammo


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