New Items 11/25/2014

Neet vintage red cart. Has some surface rust but is sturdy. Its is
29.5 to the top not counting the handles. t is 27.5 wide counting the
handles and is 16 deep. $15

ERTL International Pedal Tractor. As you can see it will restored but
the main part including steering wheel and seat are there. Has a small
crack on down by the pedals but seems to be very solid. You can order
new or used wheels and pedals, rebuilding kits and even stickers
online. When these are restored they are worth close to five hunders
dollars. $75

Here is an example of one that was restored.

Pair of Hartmann Skymate luggage. The small one is 19x19x11. The
larger one is 29x20x9.5. They are solid but in average condition. The
large one has a small tear on the side. These are great for all kinds
of projects. $25

Four vintage average condition suitcases. The bottom one is 18×24 to
give you an idea of their sizes. $35 for the lot.

Sale – Very nice Crocker Chair Co., Sheboygan. chair. I believe it
was made from 1900-1950 time period. On the top back side where the
panel meets the upright some one reglued it but also used brads to
hold it until it dried. It is the onlything I noticed wrong with it.
But it is not really noticable. $50

red kitchen cart

misc suitcases 66

hartmann suitcases

404 pedal tractor

404 tractor

Crocker Chair

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