Sale Items 10/7/2014

Finished umbrella stand is just a sample of what they look like.

Huge vintage industrial 29.5×26.75×4 gavlvanized tray. $20

Antique blacksmith vise. 37.5 with 5″ jaws. Very heavy. Needs mount and spring. $65.

The final fve vintage fire extinguisher out of the 26 or so I started
with. With just a little work they make great lamps or umbrella stand.
(The one on the far left has a split in the back.). If you buy one
they are $30. If you buy two they are $25. If you buy three or more
they are $20.

See example of one made into an umbrella stand below. This is just an

SALE – Vintage 1970s -80s? croquet set. $20

SALE – R&M desk fan. It is about 17 inches. I was told it worked when they
tested it but it needs rewired before it can be used safely. Some one
has painted it but the emblem seems to be fine. You can see where
Ichipped of some of the paint when a fingernail. Looks like they did
not even wipe it down before painting it. $15


blue fan

croquet set

galvanized basket and fire ext

blacksmith vise

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