New Items 9/23/2014

Very rare 1920s heavy steel and glass medical pharmacy apothacary
cabinet. The cabinet is very strong and strait. It is missing the
glass shelves but has buidl in shelf brackets in the corners every 3
inches. The side glass is beveled. The glass on the left side has been
cracked and need replaced. You could have beleved glass made or just
flat glass to save some money. If you call around to several glass
shops you should be able to have the glass done for a reasonable
amount. The size is 59.75x31x16.5. The doors and handle etc still work
great. It has a lock but no key. The original color seems to have been
an off white. And some one painted black over the original chippy off
white. You could leave it like it is or take it back to to raw metal
and seal it. Or paint it any color you like. One of the images is of
one that has been taken back to metal and sealed. Price is $495 With a
little work it will be worth 3 or 4 times that price.

Example of one that has been taken back to the metal and sealed.

Pair of heavy duty early lawn chairs. These are made much heaver than
the new ones. And because they are not tubes they do not collect water
inside and rust out. One has a holde in the seet but it does not seem
to be noticable when sitting and does not affect the structure. Also
as you can see they have a factory extra brace to make them extra
strong. They have a nice bounce to them and a relaxed seating
position. These just need a coat of paint of the color you like and
are good to go. They will outlast any of the tube type chairs and are
a great investment. $75 for the pair.

Single lawn chair. It has been repaired on the bottm corners. The
person I got them from said they put tubes inside so it would not
break again. Also a few of the nuts and bolts need tightened. $20

Three copper fire extinguishers. They make great lamps and look
amazing when polished. The ones with tops are $40 each. The one
without the top is $30.

R&M desk fan. It is about 17 inches. I was told it worked when they
tested it but it needs rewired before it can be used safely. Some one
has painted it but the emblem seems to be fine. You can see where I
chipped of some of the paint when a fingernail. Looks like they did
not even wipe it down before painting it. $35

Very clean 14 inch Emerson Electronics fan. Was told it was working
fine and just stoped. Probably just something simple wrong with it.

Three piece vintage Samsonite luggage I believe these are all pretty
nice inside. $60 for the set.

Twin blue vintage suitcases. These are a bit rougher inside. $30 for
the pair.

pair of blue suitcases

three samsonite suitcase set

two old fans 02

two old fans 01

fire extinguishers A

three lawn chairs

doctors cabinet 02

doctors cabinet 01


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