New and Sale Items 9/2/2014

Here are the new picks and also Labor Day sale items!

6 vintage hubcaps. The largest is 14″ across. Three of them match. $30
for the lot.

Vintage hiar dryer top. Perfect for lamp project. Plastic shield is
broken as seen in photo. $10

Vintage manhole covers that came in a very large lot of vintage
industrial items I purchased about a year ago. I was going to make
tables or stools out of them and never got around to it. They are 20″
across. $35 each.

Vintage table lets. 20″ tall. $15 for the pair.

Labor Day sale items!!

Vintage fighter pilot lot. The lot includes a log books from WW2
through the Korean war. (I believe he only saw limited combat at the
end of WW2. But I am not an expert on log books.), a Korean War era Z2
anti blackout suit, a Korean war era oxygen mask, a life preserver, a
few photos, several other later flight manuels etc from larger planes
(not shown.) He was stationed at the Dallas Naval Air Station after
the war I believe. Marked down to $95!

Vintage blanc de chine lamps. One has some fingers broken the other
only has a couple of small chips. Still very nice vintage lamps with
fine detail work. Marked down to $30 for the pair!

What looks to be a hand painted oil painting in nice frame. Judging
by the panel its painted on and the painting itself I do not believe
it is antique. It has an appraisal sticker on the back with the name
of the place that did it and a number. It is possible you could
contact them to find out more about it. The size on the outside of the
frame is 25×21. Marked down to $35!

Vintage Electrolux vacuum. Works. Marked town to $15!

Oval picture not for sale.

Brass and copper bed warmer. It is about 40″ long. Marked down to $15!


manhole covers

fighter pilot lot 01

fighter pilot lot 02


bed warmer

painting and photo

painting and photo 02

blanc de chine lamps 01

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