New Items 8/5/2014

New picks for the week.

Vintage 1968 original hand painted and signed cedar chest. I believe
it came out of New York. $150

Rare iconic Olivetti Praxis 48 mid century modern typewriter. Seems to
work. $40.

Red and whtie kettle and pot. $15 for the pair.

Vintage helmet liner $10

1950s bakelite dirve in movie theater speaker. The bakelite can be
restored to the original shiny solid brown color. $35

Vintage metal truck $10

Vintage Samsonite suitcase. 21.5x9x18. $15

Vintage pool cue holder. $15

Several vintage toys and games. What you see is what you get. I do
not know if every piece is in the boxes. I just opened them and took
the picture.

Gunfight At OK Corral Game. 1960s I think. $20

The Game of Cootie $5

Jeapardy 1964 $5

Anti-monopoly 1973 $5

65-1 Science Fair $5

King of Oil $30

The Great Escape 1967 $10

All American Football 1969 $10

Whoisit $5

Heritage Playset The Blue and the Grey (no figures) $20

Fort Apache Play Set (no figures) $20

fort apache 02

fort apache 01

heritage playset 02

heritage playset 01


praxis 48

speaker - helmet truck etc

pool cue holder

brown samsonite

gun fight game

sample games

all american football

the great escape

king of oil

65 in 1

anti monopoly

jeopardy game

cootie gamemotiograph


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