Sale Items 6/24/2014

Here are the new picks for the week! Because of rain it is a little
thin this week but still some nice items.

Vintage Air Castle fan. It is abou 15 wide and about 17.5 tall. It
works fine and does not vibrate etc. The cord has been cut at some
point and a new one spliced on. As always you need to inspect the
wiring yourself as I am not an expert. $35

19 vintage heavy matching folding chairs with star in the middle.
These are nice heavy duty vintage chairs with a nice star pattern in
the seat and a nice shape to them. I am selling these in lots of 4 or
5 or all together. If you buy 4-5 they are $5 each. So 5 would be $25.
If you buy all of them the total would be $95.

These would be great painted and used for weddings and parties.

Large bird cage. It is about 58×25. It has about 4-5 small welds that
need fixed. One is the rod that the one door hinges on. The others are
3 or so curved pieces at the top. A very easy and fast fix for any one
with a welder or who wants to take it to a welder. $45

folding chairs 02

folding chairs 01

air castle fan

gold bird cage

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