New Items 6/3/2014

New picks and sale items !

Vintage Pachinko Machine and balls together or sold seperately. I was
told it works but I have not tested it as I do not have a power supply
for it. So it will be sold as is. The size is about 32×20.5. I would
like $70 for the balls and the machine. Or the machine alone without
the balls for $45.

Cow skin rug. Size 6’x7′. Over all in good shape but has a few nicks
etc in on top side of the hide. I did not notice any holes or tears.

Super cute cast iron stool. Size is about 12x12x7.5. $35

Vintage 1970s? Tonka moterhome. $30

Sale — Large vintage IBM International clock (Says International

Machines on back.) . I believe this was part of a factory clock system

that used a master clock to keep all the clocks on the exact same

time. Was not sure how to wire it so it has not been tested. Outside

size is 21.5″ Face size is about 17″. Was $30

Sale – Antique cast iron feedmill. Size of wheel is about 20″. $70
(Less than half of going ebay prices)

Sale – Section of old wire fence. It is very pretty. Size is

8′x34″. And second larger piece of vintage decerative garden wire
fence. 12.5′ x

4′. $25 for the pair.

kyoraku back kyoraku tonka motorhome iron stoolblack and brown cow skin rug feed mill 01 feed mill 02 ibm international clock wire fence section small wire fence section large 01 wire fence section large 02

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