New Items 6/17/2014

I believe this is a 1930s Coke service station sign. The top part says
Triagle Ser. Sta. I was told there should be a picture of John Wayne
standing under it when he filmed here is Texas but have not been able
to find it or other pictures of the station. The main part of the sign
is 5’x3′ not counting the silver part of the hangers just the red Coke
part. And it is a two sided sign and is heavy and porcelain. These
signs are rare so get it while you can. $500

Vintage Tom’s Peanuts counter top display. Good stickers on each
side. Size is 13.75×11.5×9. $55

Emerson Electric vintage fan. This fas has brass blades and works well
without any known problems. It has been rewired at some point in the
past. The blades are about 10″ and it stands about 15″ tall. Blades
can be polished and some paint and it will look amazing! $45

Vintage porcelain coffee pot. It has some chips and a hole in the
bottom but it is perfect for putting flowers in. It is large at 11″
tall. $15

Rare Milwards Helix Needles box. I believe this is around the turn of
the century. Box is in good shape a and is dovetailed. Missing glass
but can be cut at Lowes for a small price. Size is 15″x5.5″x2.5″. $50

Mouted Bass. A little dusty but a damp rag should clean it up. It is
17″ long. $25

Rare 1942 AFH US bayonet that I believe is for an M1 Garand. It is
the short 16″ version. The handle is good on one side but cracked on
the other. This piece does not cost much and is held on by one screw I
think. $50

bayonet 01

bass mount

helix 03

helix 02

helix 01

toms counter top display

brass bladed fan and coffee pot

triangel coke side 1

triangel coke side 2

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