New Items 6/10/214

1948 ford pickup grill assembly. This piece is in very good shape and
would look amazing on a wall or a rat rod etc. It is 52×16. It is
missing the light retainer rings. (About $20 for a rough set on ebay.)
And also the blinkers. ($5-$10 on ebay I think.) $150

Old 1 cent gumball machine. It works but is missing the key. If you do
a search online you can find videos on how to pick the lock I just did
not have time to mess with it. Size is 16x6x6. I think this is a
Victor. I did not have time to clean it up at all so it is dirty in
the photo. $30

Taylor Pruett’s Pig Powder thermometer. (I think the size is 16×6)

Taylor Battleship Soal thermometer. (I think the size is 16×6) $50

Old pie safe or store display? Came out of an old church I was told.
But originally I think it was a pie safe or store display. Has three
holes in the top for mounting something or letting in air? Over all
condition is solid. Top needs painted. Door sags just a tad when
opened but easy fix. Base and top have bit of water damage but not to
bad. Over all a solid piece with what looks like all original
hardware. Size is 48×25.5×14.5. It needs cleaned up as it is barn
fresh $75

Barn fresh hoosier cabinet bottom with porcelain top. Seems to be a
solid piece but needs a good cleaning. Size is 40.5x31x25. The bottom
drawer is metal and has a couple of good size holes in the bottom. I
think just putting something on the bottom of the drawer would fix it.

Vintage Dandux industrial rolling canvas laundry cart. Size is
38x27x33.75. Needs cleaned up but seems to be solid. $75

Old small wood barrel with no bottom. $25

Old galvanized scoop. $10

Unique old galvanized tub with good bottom. Size 22×22. $20

hoosier cabinet open hoosier cabinet bottom dandux cart pie display taylor thermometers scoop barrel and tub 1 cent gumball machine 1948 ford pickup grill

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