New Items 5/6/2014

New picks for the week!

1930s car door. Rust holes along bottom edged all the way across.
These are great for painting signs on, hanging on walls or fences,
using as photo props or even making a gate out of. $60

One vintage windmill blades section. Size about 52×36. $35

Vintage Christmass tree stand. $10

Yellow child stool. It is about 20.25 tall at seat. Has some material
leftovers where some one put something on the seat. $20

Yellow vintage step stool. About 24″ tall at the seat. $25

Old iron kettle. It is about 22 inches across at the top. Feet do not
go all the way to the ground. It has no holes and is still very solid.
Can be hung or sat on the ground. $80

yellow stool and christmas tree stand antique bumper vintage costco stool windmill blades section 1939 ford car door. cast iron wash pot shabby chic bed with vine painting

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