New Items 5/20/2014

Here are the new picks for the week.

Two light up Texaco signs. One has the metal back but needs a light.
The other one does not have a back. You could buy both and make a
double sided sign. They are 33″ across.

I would like $150 for the one with the back and $90 for the one
without the back. The backs are easy to make.

1920s Overland headlights? The glass on one side is cracked. They have
dirt in them from ants I did not have time to clean out. These would
look amazing cleaned up and hung on a wall with lights inside. They
are 40″ wide and each light is about 9″ wide and about 5″ deep. $65

Overland light detail.

White glider with vines stenciled on it. In good shapes and works
well. Seller said they thought it was in the family in the 1950s. $75

Antique baby scale? $20

Vintage The Master 1926 oil bottle spout. $20

Spout detail.

1920s Dodge doors (not matching)? One is 42×27 and one is 42×30. Both
are rusted at the very bottom. And both are missing the original wood
bracing so are just skins. They would look great with some black
primer and a vintage logo. $40 each.

Old cast iron fire place surround and tin cover. They do not match
perfectly. I forgot to measure the surround but I think it is about
30″ wide. $30

1920s? truck or car hood not sure of brand. I have both sides but only
one is shown. Originaly they would have been attached down the center
seam. Both are in good shape. The bottom section with the vents is
35×21.5. These are great to hang on the wall for for projects. They
also are good for rat rods. $60 for both sides.

Old bicycle. The piece is missing that holds the handle bars to the
forks but with some support it stands up fine. $35

Section of old wire fence. It is very pretty. Size is 8’x34″. $40

Larger piece of vintage decerative garden wire fence. 12.5′ x 4′. $50

Larger fence detail.

antique headlight detail antique headlightsjpg texaco signs glider with vines oil filler scale and oil jar 1920s doors cast iron fireplace surround hood half bike old wire fence section large 02 wire fence section large 01 wire fence section small

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