New Items 4/29/2014

Here are the new picks for the week!

Amazing 1939-40 Ford car doors. These doors are great to hang on the
wall or for other projects. For example painting your business logo on
and making it look like it is an original old sign on the door. The
doors rust on the bottoms but that will not matter hanging on the wall
etc. Price $75 each.

Also I am planning on getting more hoods, fenders and doors etc
depending on demand.

Vintage Schwinn bicycle. This is the model with a horn in the tank.
The frame at the bottom has rust holes. Price $55

Vintage green glider. The bar in back that sits on the ground has
rusted out in the middle. That has been repaired with a larger pipe
that fits over the old one and is attached by screws. The glider arms
still have the bearings in them. Glider still works fine but if it was
me I would probably have the new pipe welded on instead of screwed on.

Super cute childs rolltop desk. It is 26.75x36x14.75. It is missing
one slat on the toll top so when down there is about a 1 inch gap at
the very top. This piece might be down inside but I have not checked.
Wood looks like Oak. Should clean up really well with the dust wiped
off and some oil. Roll top seems to stick a little some times. I think
a little powder would fix this. $40

Shabby chic white double bed with vines painted on it. No rails $20

White step stool. Needs straitened and the nuts and bolts ect
tightened. Has a hole in the top fabric about quarter size. $25

Tea pots $10 each

SALE—- Charming shabby chic hoosier cabinet with porcelain top. The top has a
chip in the front corner and two or three on the back side that is
normally covered. The drawer is metal on the inside. It is missing the
floor bin from the top as you can see. Also I notice when I was taking
pictures the back legs are about an inch shorter than the front. The
finish is like a white wash over the other layers of paint and patina.
Makes for a neet old farm house look. The piece still has a some of
that barn fresh smell we all know about I think painting the rest of
the exposed wood on the back etc or seeling it another way will fix it
completely. The opening in the front is perfect for a wire basket.
Size is 70×41.5×25.5. Price is $110

SALE— Singer shabby chic sewing machine table with marble top. Size is
37.5×17.5×12.5. The rod that goes down to the peddle is broken and it
is missing wheels but it sits fine just like it is. $45

childs roll top desk 02 childs roll top desk 01 green glider repaired 39 ford doors Schwinn horn gas tank girls bike shabby chic bed with vine painting stool and tea pots houseir cabinet 02 houseir cabinet 01 marble top singer

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