New Items 4/22/2014

Here are the new picks for the week!

Charming shabby chic hoosier cabinet with porcelain top. The top has a
chip in the front corner and two or three on the back side that is
normally covered. The drawer is metal on the inside. It is missing the
floor bin from the top as you can see. Also I notice when I was taking
pictures the back legs are about an inch shorter than the front. The
finish is like a white wash over the other layers of paint and patina.
Makes for a neet old farm house look. The piece still has a some of
that barn fresh smell we all know about I think painting the rest of
the exposed wood on the back etc or seeling it another way will fix it
completely. The opening in the front is perfect for a wire basket.
Size is 70×41.5×25.5. Price is $135

Super cute vintage industrial stool. Has a little rust on the top but
should come off with some steel wool. In the picture it at 21″ tall
and can go up or down from there. $25

Very pretty shabby chic hoosier cabinet top. Size is 39.5x39x11.5 for
the main piece not couting bottom lip. This will turn an ordinary
shabby chic table into something amazing. $80

Very old green mantle. I believe they said it was turn of the
century. The bottom part is 61×54. The top piece when added is 78
wide. $40

Dark wood and white shabby chic table. Size is 5 foot by 27 wide by
28 tall. $35

Primitive spring stool 22 tall. $30

Small iron head board. It is the perfect size for a gate or to hang
on the wall at 36×40. $35

Singer shabby chic sewing machine table with marble top. Size is
37.5×17.5×12.5. The rod that goes down to the peddle is broken and it
is missing wheels but it sits fine just like it is. $55

Vintage euclid dirt hauler. It still has some stickers and is in good
shape. The only thing broken is the lip on the little spring steel
latch for the doors. $45

Vintage Sit n Rid truck missing dump bed and steering wheel. (These
were made for small children to ride.) $10

Vintage toy semi trailer $10

Sale – Shabby chic floor lamp $15

spring stool euclid truck dark wood and white shabby table dark wood and white shabby table top small iron head board creme industrial stool hoosier top open hoosier top green mantle marble top singer houseir cabinet 01 houseir cabinet 02 white and brass floor light 02 white and brass floor light 01 white and brass floor light 03sit n ride

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