New Items 4/08/2014

Here are the new picks for the week!

Pretty four poster bed. It is a double bed and is about 57 wide and
about 46 tall. It has some splits on mainly one the bottom of one leg
but seems to be sturdy. Because of the splits and some dings only $50!

Cute yellow chair. $25.

Vintage rare Santa Fe Railroad copper fire extinguisher. The top comes
off and it says Santa Fe on the bottom on the front. It came from
Cleburne so probably out of the Santa Fe Railroad yard at Cleburne. It
can be polished or left the way it is. These also make great lamps.

Copper pop with nice patina. Has a few holes but great for holding
plants. $10

Sample of how they look when polished. I do not own these and they are
not for sale.

Vintage Cramer heavy duty stool. The set adjusts up to 31″ high. Very
sturdy but needs recovered. $25

Very nice looking crome and red Fairfax vintage vacuum cleaner. It
works great but you will need to find hoses of some kind. Also still a
dusty but will look amazing when cleaned up. Main part comes out of
roll around stand. It is about 20″ tall while in rolling stand. Would
look great in shop with vintage cars or vintage style house. $20

Vintage General Electric model 404 radio. Has a few chips around the
knobs. Does not work but is all there. $30

Vintage Sears fan. Nice design and it works (Has just a little
vibration but not to bad. Maybe blades need cleaned?) One fin is
broken on the back side. Size 17×14.5. $10

Vintage metal Olmsted Kirk metal file box. Metal plate on front with
name and local cities. OK paper company is a historic Texas company
with a 100 year plus history. Size is 19.25×10.75×8. $15

Vintage adding machine with cover (cover not shown). $20 (Not picked
up last week could not find all the people inline interested in it so
relisted it. )

Sale – Vintage post office box turned into piggy bank. Does not have
key but

there is a hole in back to be able to access contents. $10

Sale – Antique dresser with slightly oversize marble top. The
original top has a couple of layers of laminate coming off. But you could finish
taking them off and sand it and remove the marble. The drawers are
solid but one of the small top drawers needs some glue on one corner.
It could probably also use a couple of more applications of dark wood
restore. Size is 43x32x18. The size of the marble is 37.25×17.5. $70
with marble or $55 without marble.

rc allen adding machine kirk paper stanta fe copperbrassfire radio and fan fairfax vacuum cramer stool vintage yellow chair 4 poster bed antique dresser marble top post office box

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