New Items 3/4/2014

Here are the new items for the week! Remember to be clear if you want
something or are just asking a question. Also remember to promptly
reply after you have purchased something to arrange pickup and
payment. Thanks!

Vintage doctors scale. This item works and looks amazing even without
me having time to clean it up. The only problem it has is a crack on
each side on the back of the base. (See red arrow in photo of base.)
These should not get worse if you are not moving it all the time. I
would probably carefully drill some small holes and brace it from
behind. You could have the cast iron welded but it would mess up the
vintage paint. $50

Very pretty vintage French fan that shows to be printed in France. It
is 9″ tall. Has a crease and a start of a tear just above the handle.

Vintage printers tray. It is 32×16.5 measuring the main body. It does
not have the metal handle on the front. $20

Antique sewing machine drawers. (These fit the sewing machine listed
but there is not a full set. ) $20 for set.

Antique sewing machine. These are great to mount sinks into or make
into small desks etc. $35

Lot of vintage green bottles. The tallest one is 9″ tall. $15 for the

french fan back

french fan

green bottles

printrs tray - legs

doctors scale 04

doctors scale 03

doctors scale 02

doctors scale 01

sewing machine without drawers

sewing machine drawers

brass lamp 01

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